Suitable for home, bathroom, and office, the Finnish SEES Nordic Air room fragrance is a luxurious and sophisticated blend of fresh citrus fruits, sage, and pine scents. Refreshing mint and warm chamomile oil complete the fragrance combination. The scents used in the room fragrance are obtained from by-products of the floral industry and raw materials that would otherwise have been discarded. The base ingredient of the room fragrance is biodegradable and natural, and it is not easily flammable, unlike the ingredients of typical room fragrances. Made in Finland.

Usage: Remove the cap from the glass bottle and insert the sticks provided into the bottle. The fragrances evaporate into the room air through the sticks. The scent is mild and intended as a background fragrance for a defined space. If you desire a stronger scent or use the product in an air-conditioned space, we recommend placing several room fragrances in different parts of the room.Biodegradable, vegan, made in Finland.
Recycle the bottle as glass waste and the cardboard as cardboard waste.

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